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Attention Girls Registered in grades 5-8 Lacrosse,

Skill development and working outside of practice is critical to improving your game.   From the player who can catch and throw left handed with speed and accuracy to the new travel player who is just starting to use their left…we can all improve!!!

This year we will be handing out snypr sleeves to every girl registered in the program.   This lycra sleeve that works with your iphone and an associated app counts reps on the wall for stick skills improvement.   You can also wear the sleeve and practice with a friend but they are not meant to be worn in practice.  This app is approved and used by US lacrosse.   To date I have distributed the sleeves to 5 teams.   7a and 7b as well as 8b will get them within the next few days.

How do I get started?

  • Download the snypr app on the itunes app store for your iphone.  (search snypr)
  • You will be directed through the app registration process
    • Enter in your daughter’s name and information
    • A parent will be required for registration to be completed
  • You will also be required to enter in your team code.  Team code listings are located here and are an important part of the registration process.

Once you are registered and logged in under your team code you are ready to get going.  Instructions on how to use your sleeve and app are located here.  USE Instructions

Every week you will be given a challenge to complete as well as drills to do on the wall.   Your coach will receive a report on usage.   Prizes will be awarded for the girls that work hard using the app.

Let’s get out there and hit the wall!!!

Wilton Lacrosse Association